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About the Game
It has been almost 5 months since the Doctor and Rose last saw one another on the beach at Dårlig ulv stranden and as they say, life as continued to be lived.

In the dimension that the Doctor named, “Pete’s World,” Rose, Mickey, Jake and Pete have been setting up Torchwood and trying to save the world the best way they know how, although Rose spends most of her time trying to find her way back to the Doctor. Jackie is weeks away from the birth of her child, and everything seems to be going well, at least on the surface.

But something is happening, a new threat is coming and it is not only threatening to pull apart the world that Rose and her family not live in, but also the one she used to.

Back in Rose’s old world the Doctor has been travelling and doing what he does best. He has had a couple of people along for the ride but no-one stays. It feels wrong and in his own way he is searching for Rose, even though he wont admit it to anyone, or even himself.

Jack Harkness and his fellow companion, Gwen Cooper, have been traveling themselves and end up back in 2006 and find themselves getting involved with the Torchwood on that world, and soon they find out about the threat that is bearing down upon them and everyone who exists.

Paths begin to cross.

Lives are put in danger, the fight for survival begins.

The destruction of worlds is on the cards when the breaches begin to re-open and splinter and everything begins to fall apart.


First and foremost this group is all about fun and interaction. You have any problems don’t moan about them, come talk to us or the person you have a problem with in a civil way and see if you can sort it out. Really you don’t want us mods to have to get involved, but we will if we have to.

OOC drama will NOT be tolerated. If you join the game and become a diva, or cause any kind of OOC problems, you will be booted. This is entirely at the discretion of the mods.

The OOC board is a good place to throw ideas around, as are messenger services.

We are het, slash and femmeslash friendly. There MAY BE NC-17 material in this game, so apply at your own discretion. HOWEVER, this game will not be centred entirely around the romantic lives of the characters.

If you are going to be leaving for any period of time, you MUST post in the OOC so the mods know how long you will be gone. Inactivity will result in being rmoved from the game. Similarly, if you are having major trouble finding things for your character to do, please contact one of the mods. We are ALWAYS happy to help in any way we can. We WANT you to be active and participate.

Do not god mod! No killing, beating, raping etc etc etc of any character (which you do not own) without the players permission. Do not move another character for someone or speak as them.

All characters (whether Cannon or OC) must have a bio on their user page.

From the moment you join the game you have a two week countdown to either start a thread or post in one in the main RPing comm..

If your character does not post at least once per month they will be removed from the cast list.

Remember! This game is about fun, interaction and creativity. There are many muses out there and all of them could create interesting storylines with your own. Be creative. Have fun.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a character, first you need to check the taken characters list to see if your character is available and then look here. It tells you how to apply for a Cannon Character or an OC Muse.

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This Community will contain adult material. Do not apply if you are not 18 or over. Applying to this community means your are over the age of 18.