August 2nd, 2006

Character Auditions

Cannon Character Audition

Your Name:
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Any Messengers you use. (AIM, MSN, YIM etc)
Muse you are requesting:
Journal for Muse:
Audition piece: (Write an introduction post, in character, for your muse. Must be more than 100 words long)

Own Character Audition

This is the bio outline that must be used when applying to the comm with OC's. This needs to be written up and displayed in the OC's user page but also e-mailed to both mods before characters will be approved.

Mun Info
Name/online handle:
Personal LJ:

Character Info
Character Name:
Character Journal:
Background: (at least 150 words, please. Include any special knowledge, physical marks, race, etc)
Personality: (at least 100 words, please)

All auditions should be posted here. Auditions are screened.